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Fan Expo Vancouver - the Missing Fandom

Fan Expo Vancouver – the Missing Fandom

Fan Expo 2014 031As one the newest members of the Living Myth family, I was invited down to check out the scene at Fan Expo this week and see what there was in the realm of gaming at the show. The answer, unfortunately, is short and bitter: not much.

As an attendee of the show for its last two years in Vancouver, I have to say I’m a little disappointed by the lack of love for the gaming community at this year’s…

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A look at what we saw at Fan Expo Vancouver 2014.

It was a great weekend for the fandom, we got pictures of most of it.  The cosplayer were incredible, the vendors amazing and the panels were fantastic. We couldn’t get it all, but here is our favorites from Fan Expo Vancouver 2014.  Our thanks go out to all of you who lets us take your pictures, talk to you and to all of you who came out to make it a great weekend.

Fan Expo Vancouver 2014 – The Weekend in Pictures A look at what we saw at Fan Expo Vancouver 2014. It was a great weekend for the fandom, we got pictures of most of it.  
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Fan Expo Vancouver 2014 Showcase - Living Myth Magazine →
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The Rewind: Doctor Mordrid - Living Myth Magazine →

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Fan Expo Vancouver - Nightwing Prodigal Premiere

Fan Expo Vancouver – Nightwing Prodigal Premiere

Nightwing: Prodigal made its premiere at Fan Expo Vancouver today and was met with a capacity crowd with more being turned away. We barely made it in ourselves! From what we did manage to see, the series looked fantastic! We caught up with Brady Roberts (Writer/Producer/Actor: Nightwing), Aidan Pringle (Actor: Bane) and Kyle James…

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Fan Expo Vancouver Artists’ Alley Walkthrough

Fan Expo Vancouver Artists’ Alley Walkthrough

One of the highlights of any geek convention is the Artists’ Alley, a place where the creatives can strut their stuff. Fan Expo Vancouver is no exception to this, featuring a bustling sea of people teeming from one port of call to the next. Here’s a brief overview of what’s on hand.

Awesome Sauce

Awesome Sauce

You know they’re going to be awesome; it’s right there in the name. Purveyors of fine totebags,…

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The 3 Count [04.19.2014] The King of Games

The 3 Count [04.19.2014] The King of Games

When I explain the appeal of wrestling to non-fans, I always mention that the product is now meant to be enjoyed on two levels: What is happening on the screen and what that represents behind the curtain. Triple H is at the cusp of swinging back into the favor of the IWC despite being on it’s most hated villains for the better part of 15 years. This could be the biggest face turn we’ve seen in…

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Fan Expo Vancouver 2014 - Exhibit A (The Must Sees)

Fan Expo Vancouver 2014 – Exhibit A (The Must Sees)

Having had a chance to get the lay of the land today at Fan Expo Vancouver, our team definitely found a number of things to be excited about over the weekend. There are of course all of the celebrity guests, but they’re far from the only attractions at the con. Here’s our list of our must-see’s for Saturday and Sunday:

FanExpo2014 071Ghostbusters of BC
After meeting at an autograph signing with Dan Aykroyd, this…

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Fan Expo Vancouver 2014 - First Impressions

Fan Expo Vancouver 2014 – First Impressions

Getting in was easy enough.

There was some concern that rain would to make things a little difficult, but the city is as excited for Fan Expo Vancouver as we are – the sun is shining with barely a cloud in the sky. Parking downtown is the usual overpriced nightmare, but the SkyTrain and SeaBus terminals nearby make getting in a breeze.

Walking towards the event, we heard this bit of conversation…

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The Fictionals: Throne and Games

The Fictionals: Throne and Games

Daniel Chai of The Fictionals tells us about the upcoming Game of Thrones inspired comedy show, Throne and Games debuting April 23rd at The Rio Theatre! Get your tickets online at!


Twitter: @TheFictionals

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