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The 3 Count [09.13.2014] NXT – Who’s Ready To Graduate? (pt. 1)

The 3 Count [09.13.2014] NXT – Who’s Ready To Graduate? (pt. 1)

After watching the NXT “pay-per-view” I came to the conclusion that a lot of these wrestlers are ready to move on to bigger and better things. Namely, the WWE main roster. I’m going to take a look at some of the more prominent NXT talents and see if they are prepared enough to move on up! This will not be a comprehensive list by any means, just personal favorites and noteworthy members of the…

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Herm and Gertie - Vancouver Fringe Festival 2014

Herm and Gertie – Vancouver Fringe Festival 2014

Sept-CITY-Fringe-Herm-and-GertieOne of the most unique experiences I had at the Vancouver Fringe this year was certainly Brain Apple Theatre’s Herm and Gertie, a post-apocalyptic re-telling of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

Herm and Gertieis different than most theatre experiences because it is staged at Granville Island’s Sculpture Grove at the Ron Basford Park. The action happens…

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Lascivious Something - Vancouver Fringe Festival 2014

Lascivious Something – Vancouver Fringe Festival 2014

Lascivious Something, on the surface, is about a love triangle in a scenic vineyard in Greece. It sounded like I was heading straight into some Nicholas Sparks territory going in. I was thankfully very wrong as the play proved to be on of the more challenging dramas I would see at The Fringe this year.

The story, by Sheila Callaghan, follows an American expatriate who has settled into a quiet…

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God of Comics [2014-09-10]

God of Comics [2014-09-10]

This Week: All-New Ultimates #8, Archer & Armstrong #24, Armor Hunters – Harbingers #3, Batgirl – Future’s End #1, Batman Eternal #23, Captain Marvel #7, Coffin Hill #11, Death of Wolverine #2, Death Vigil #3, Edge of Spider-verse #1, Hawkeye #20, Hexed #2, Lazarus #11, Magneto #9, Magnus – Robot Fighter #6, MPH #3, Ms. Marvel #8, New Warriors #9, Sheltered #11, Velvet #7


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Late-Night Double Feature - Vancouver Fringe Festival 2014

Late-Night Double Feature – Vancouver Fringe Festival 2014

For a decade, Spectral Theatre Society haunted stages across Vancouver with genre tales ranging from horror, fantasy and science fiction. Now after a brief hiatus, Spectral has returned to the scene at this year’s Vancouver Fringe Festival with a greatest hits package of shorts. They have relaunched with their classic summer tradition, the Late-Night Double Feature: two spooky one-act plays, much…

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Orange Is The New Blank - Vancouver Fringe Festival 2014

Orange Is The New Blank – Vancouver Fringe Festival 2014

From the minds of the comedy duo Virginia Jack comes this wholly improvised tale of women in prison. Or tales, rather, as each night the audiences will be getting an entirely different show. Each of the prisoners in Orange Is The New Blankget a quick piece of inspiration suggested by the crowd, be it an emotion, an object, a favorite book and then a title for that night’s “episode”. At that…

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TV 2014: Returning Shows Preview Special

TV 2014: Returning Shows Preview Special

Agents of SHIELD Season 2

Agents of Shield Season 2Wow, this show had something of a curve. It started meh and crashed quickly, then picked up the pace following the theatrical release of Captain America: Winter Soldier. Half our staff stopped watching it well before that point, though, and never bothered picking it up again. Will this season be better? Can it be worse? I don’t have any answers on that front, and…

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The 3 Count [09.06.2014] Brocks and Jocks

The 3 Count [09.06.2014] Brocks and Jocks

Here we are again, in the doldrums of late summer. While there is still a fair amount of excitement overall, what with Brock Lesnar being the champion and all, there is a feeling of blandness and predictability with regards to the immediate future. Part of this is the inevitability of Lesnar wins for the next several months and part is the lack of interesting storylines to buttress the title…

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Puss: Reboot - Vancouver Fringe Festival 2014

Puss: Reboot – Vancouver Fringe Festival 2014

Puss:Reboot Trailer from Nik Nok Media on Vimeo.

Niknok Media, the creative team behind the web-series Blank Verse, have kicked off their run at the 2014 Vancouver Fringe Festival with their production, Puss: Reboot, written by Emily Tyler, directed by Ryan Caron & Amanda Konkin.

This science fiction piece is a futuristic re-imagining of the classic fairytale, Puss…

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The 3 Count [08.30.2014] Is Roman Ready To Reign?

The 3 Count [08.30.2014] Is Roman Ready To Reign?

Ever since the debut of the shield, Roman Reigns has been earmarked as the one to break away from the pack. Now that the faction has broken up, it looks like Reigns will be the one to take the title away from Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania, but is this the right call?

There is no doubt that he has the right look to be a main event…

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